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Ace Your Next Interview by Knowing What’s Being Asked

Ace Your Next Interview by Knowing What’s Being Asked

There are some very interesting interview questions gaining fame right now, with, “What flavor of ice cream are you?” being a Zealous United, Inc. favorite. There are some classic queries that interviewees are right to be prepared for though. Here are a few, along with the rationale behind them:

  • “Tell Me About Yourself.”: This is often used as a Zealous United, Inc. interview icebreaker, and for good reason. While some responses to this query are better than others, the main purpose of it is to give applicants a chance to talk off some nervous energy and get comfortable.
  • “What About This Position Excites You?”: When asking this, what we’re really looking to find out is how much research a person has done about the role in question. Then, if they have a good idea of the tasks the position entails, we can determine how enthusiastically the candidate will tackle those responsibilities.
  • “Where do You See Yourself Five Years From Now?”: Rather than a test of your fortune-telling skills, what’s really being asked here is “What do you want out of life?” We recommend focusing on that aspect of the question, and tailor the answer to fit in with the position for which you’re applying.

Well-designed interview questions create opportunities for both parties to determine how well an applicant would fit with a company’s mission and culture. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Facebook