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Career Advancement Strategies as Useful as Networking

Career Advancement Strategies as Useful as Networking

While we believe in the power of networking to advance our Zealous United, Inc. careers, it is not the only advancement tool we use. These are a few alternative (or additional) techniques which can create forward momentum.

For starters, we find something called a one-pager to be very helpful for us when we consider all our Zealous United, Inc. contributions and accomplishments in a given period. For example, it’s helpful to take some time about once every month to reflect on the challenges we’ve overcome, solutions we’ve implemented, and lessons we’ve learned. Not only does this exercise fill us with confidence, it makes it easy to answer the, “What have you been working on?” questions.

We find daily reflection to be a valuable means of furthering our career ambitions as well. We spend just a few quiet minutes at the end of the day going over events in our minds, considering what went according to plan, what didn’t, and how that impacts tomorrow.

Feedback is also a powerful device for vocational progress. Of course, trust and intentions are paramount here, because they make the content of the comments more reliable. Perhaps the most difficult part is to be open to advice though, which requires both humility and inner strength.

Used in conjunction with networking or as a singular focus, these career advancement tips are sure to make an impact.