Seize a Zealous United Career

Our Zealous United team is rich with talent, with each of us sharing several important qualities. First and foremost, we’re focused and enthusiastic. We’re also open to all possibilities. This mind-set – and a host of perks – makes our company an attractive place to find professional success.

Anyone with the passion for a future in live events and direct marketing belongs with us.

Discover the perks we offer:

Develop a Professional Image at Zealous United

Our Zealous United training protocol leaves nothing to chance. We have it all. As soon as new associates are hired, they are introduced to a supportive office environment with all the resources they need to excel. We help them refine their strengths as they establish themselves in the professional landscape.

Our team members are also empowered to develop their careers by networking on a regular basis. Every retreat, conference, training, and community function they attend is an opportunity to meet business leaders and other influential people. This approach leads to lasting relationships that bolster confidence and present exciting possibilities.

Join an Elite Team

At Zealous United, we place great importance on teamwork. These are beliefs we hold dear:

• Working collaboratively maximizes results.
• When one of us succeeds, all of us succeed.
• Teamwork yields greater progress than does competition.

We hold ourselves to high standards, with some of the best leaders in the business to guide us. They connect with us on an individual basis, transferring knowledge through praise and constructive feedback. We also encourage one another to step outside our comfort zones and fulfill our individual potential. This high-level coaching helps us meet our objectives.

Broaden Horizons

There are no limits at Zealous United. We certainly aren’t confined to our offices. From regional road trips to tropical excursions, we enjoy multiple travel opportunities throughout the year. Each trip is a reward for our hard work. Even better, it’s a chance for us to share memorable experiences with one another.

Head Toward a Brighter Future With Zealous United

Zealous United is a haven of learning and growth. We’re happy to elaborate on the possibilities that come with joining our team. Please send cover letter and resume to

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