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Conferences: Why We Love Them. Why We Go.

Conferences: Why We Love Them. Why We Go.

It’s that time of year again. Members of our Zealous United Inc. team have returned from the national leadership conference in Dallas, Texas. Now the real fun begins as these individuals showcase what they’ve learned with their colleagues.

“We get significant return on our investment from these conferences and industry events,” said Josh, our Zealous United Inc. President. “It’s a great way to reward team members who are reaching past their goals and consistently hitting their marks. We hand select those individuals who will attend based on merit, so it’s something for everyone to work towards.”

The conference itself is a balance of fruitful learning opportunities and networking. “The top professionals in the direct marketing industry are there,” Josh explained. “They have so much knowledge and experience to share. The brightest minds present keynote addresses. There are breakout sessions where everyone contributes from their own experiences and helps each other identify solutions.”
The real benefits come from when team members return to our Zealous United Inc. office. “Already, there’s been a significant increase in productivity and morale here,” said Josh. “These team members came back with fresh ideas that benefit not only their approach to live events, but techniques they can share with everyone and incorporate into our model. It’s quite inspiring.”

Conferences are one of the many ways in which our people get the knowledge and confidence they need to thrive in our industry. Check out our Newswire for more travel updates.