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Curveball Interview Questions You Should Prepare For

Curveball Interview Questions You Should Prepare For

Traditional interview questions are classics for a reason, but we like to throw in a curveball query occasionally just to keep the conversation interesting. These are some of the fun but also insightful inquiries one might hear in a Zealous United Inc interview:

• “What do you feel were your parents’ most admirable characteristics?”: As the old saying goes, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. By asking this question we can quickly gauge how a person measures success and will likely act in the future.

• “On a scale of one to 10, how lucky would you say you are?”: This always sparks some interesting dialogue, and there isn’t a wrong answer per se. Those who tend toward one extreme or another may raise a red flag. We watch for unrealistic views of the way the world works when filtering.

• “What do you think is true, even though most people you know disagree with you?”: Creativity and courage are both desired Zealous United Inc characteristics, and asking this allows us to find both at the same time. Especially in an interview situation, where people are trying their hardest to make good impressions, it takes guts to say something with which an interviewer might not agree.

While these are not typical interview questions, being ready for them might help you ace your next meeting. For more interviewing strategies, check out our Zealous United Inc Newswire feed.