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Enjoy Public Speaking Success With These Strategies

Enjoy Public Speaking Success With These Strategies

We provide our team members with all the coaching and training they need to succeed in our industry, and that includes quite a bit of practice with public speaking skills. Knowing how to present ideas to a Zealous United Inc audience, whether it be two people or 2,000, gives our branding experts the ability to establish themselves as subject experts in any venue of their choice.

While a few of the presentation tips we teach are advanced, many are quite simple. For instance, one of the best ways to start a talk is with a joke. This immediately grabs our listeners’ attention and helps them associate us with positive feelings, which in turn makes the audience more receptive to our message.

If comedy isn’t your thing, another Zealous United Inc tip is to begin with a compelling story. Stories are some of the oldest and most effective means of sharing information, and spectators can connect with narratives emotionally. Facts and figures don’t always elicit strong emotional reactions.

Of course, the choice between joke, story, or another approach altogether will depend on knowing our target audience. Once we’re crystal clear about the people with whom we’re speaking, the choice of opening lines – along with how to position the rest of the presentation – becomes clear.

One of the most important ways we prepare our team members for success is by making sure they’re confident public speakers. For more info on this vital topic, follow Zealous United Inc on Twitter.