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Find Recognition for Your Hard Work Here

Find Recognition for Your Hard Work Here

Trips are some of our favorite ways to recognize the efforts of our coworkers. Whether it’s a Zealous United, Inc. road trip to a neighboring city for some shadowing and cross-training or a prestigious weekend event, travel is an excellent way to let someone know we appreciate them.

Recently Jay was recognized for his hard work and commitment with a weekend trip to Dallas, Texas for a leadership conference. Joshua, Zealous United, Inc.’s President, said, “Jay really stands out in the office and always goes beyond the call of duty. I wanted to choose someone with an entrepreneurial spirit to attend the Dallas conference and Jay fits that perfectly, especially since he wants to lead a business one day.”

To make sure our recognition efforts are effective, we’re consistent in what we recognize. For instance, it’s important to us that our team members know what behaviors and attitudes will help them succeed, so we make sure to acknowledge those who uphold our high standard of conduct (like we did by sending Jay to Dallas).

Also, we make certain to show appreciation to whoever displays these desired traits. This creates a level playing field in our organization where everyone knows they can thrive. Efforts and results are what matter to us – not politics or seniority.

Our social media feeds are places where you can frequently see our team members being recognized for jobs well done. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Facebook