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New to Leadership? Here’s How to Get Team Buy-In

New to Leadership? Here’s How to Get Team Buy-In

Our Zealous United Inc. advancement policy means that our team members are on a fast path to career growth. We are developing leaders who will continue to grow our firm as we expand into new regions. As they develop skills needed for future management endeavors, our coaches stress the traits and practices these individuals will need when they are building their own teams as new leaders. Here are three tips that will serve any new leader well:

• Be Humble: The most effective leaders are those who are humble enough to admit they aren’t experts on every subject. Instead, these managers are more inclined to admit they have plenty to learn. They recognize team members as being more knowledgeable on particular areas and tap into their expertise. For a new leader, seeking insights is a positive way to forge bonds.

• Set the Standard: In our Zealous United Inc. office, we emphasize leading by example. Managers are expected to model the behaviors they want their team members to follow. In other words, they need to walk the talk.

• Accept and Use Feedback: New leaders who seek to gain their team’s support and trust should be prepared to listen to feedback and put it to use. At Zealous United Inc., we value everyone’s input.

Being a new leader requires patience as you better understand your team’s unique dynamics. Like us on Facebook for more team-building examples.