Zealous United Trifecta Strategy for Direct Impact

Zealous United’s specialty is in new brand and product launches. We bring our energy to live events that deliver faster and more measurable results than traditional advertising. For maximum impact, we focus on three key factors:

We develop our team members to yield maximum results.



Our event based direct marketing uses hands-on showcases to build confidence and rapport. Our real-time, two-way interactions allow consumers to ask questions. By understanding peoples’ preferences, we tailor each touchpoint to make a customized impression.



Through our face-to-face interaction model, we position products for rapid visibility. Our approach brings brands to the forefront in retail hotspots that were previously unexplored, ensuring that they are seen by fresh audiences. That’s how we deliver a competitive edge.

Return on Investment:

Return on Investment

Our partnerships with nationwide retail operations allow us to attract large audiences to our pop-up promotions. These venues allow us to connect with people in locations they recognize and trust.

Our mission at Zealous United is to create memorable brand events that allow consumers to experience products with their own eyes. We lead the industry with our direct approach because we leverage these elements and create optimized solutions every time.