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A Rewarding, Relaxing Retreat

A Rewarding, Relaxing Retreat

We enjoy all kinds of travel opportunities as members of Team Zealous United Inc. They include sunny getaways to exotic locales. That’s exactly the kind of trip on which two of our top leaders recently embarked, and they took full advantage of all the benefits the destination offered.

Josh, our firm’s President, explained, “I had the pleasure of going on an all-expenses-paid company retreat to Newport, where I networked with other partners and had plenty of fun in the sun. I was also able to learn some valuable insights on effectively managing and developing team members. My favorite part of the trip was getting to spend time with influential leaders in a casual setting. It was so easy to discuss best practices and exchange tips while we were far from the demands of the office.”

Heidi, an area manager with Zealous United Inc., also made the trip to Newport. She was selected due to her stellar performance in recent months. It was her first opportunity to go on a retreat, so she was especially excited to network with top leaders. She stated, “I was able to build up my network with accomplished people who can help me throughout my career. I’m already looking forward to earning my way to the next company retreat.”

The Newport retreat was definitely one to remember. Stay tuned to the Zealous United Inc. Newswire to receive updates on our travel events.