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Travel Opportunities Make Our Team Stronger

Travel Opportunities Make Our Team Stronger

We have many Zealous United Inc. tools that we use to help our team members grow, but one of the best is travel. The chance to see the world with our colleagues (or even just drive to the next city) allows us to grow and get to know one another better, both of which translate into greater output and teamwork back at the office.

Many of these trips have learning built into them as well, such as the national weekend conference from which some of us just returned. Hand-selected individuals traveled to a quarterly event that featured several workshops along with keynote speakers. Perhaps most importantly, attendees were networking with the best of the best in our industry. These kinds of relationships provide long-term momentum to our careers and motivation to grow people and professionals.

“Attending this conference was a great opportunity,” stated Josh, Zealous United Inc.’s President. “I am proud to say that five people qualified for this event, along with our assistant manager Brittany. By being around the biggest success stories in our field, our brand ambassadors could see how consistent and persistent daily action will help them achieve their goals.”

Another highlight of the weekend was Josh’s talk on the importance of direct and meaningful conversations for team member development. “People are the most important factors when it comes to driving business, so it is imperative to have good members on a team to succeed. An environment that encourages honest dialogue will create successful professionals.”

Business travel is an integral part of our success. To see where we’re going next, follow Zealous United Inc. on Facebook.