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If You’re a Leader, Consider Practicing Mindfulness

If You’re a Leader, Consider Practicing Mindfulness

Team Zealous United Inc finds mindfulness to be helpful in all areas of our lives, but it’s especially beneficial when it comes to leadership. These are some of the ways that being mindful benefits leaders:

• It’s Easier to Focus During a Conversation: Leaders have several priorities on their proverbial plates at any given time. Mindfulness makes it possible for them to push those concerns to the side for a moment or two while they’re engaged in dialogue, and focus on what is being said.

• Decisions Are Made More Thoughtfully: Purely emotional choices aren’t always rational, and purely logical choices might be lacking in compassion. The ability to combine both the head and heart in a choice is an advantage that mindfulness gives.

• Empowerment Comes Easier: Managing in the moment makes it easier to help team members find their own paths through challenges, rather than reacting to every event as though it’s a crisis. Being mindful also makes it easier to observe and encourage people’s strengths.

• A Good Night’s Sleep: Those who practice mindfulness tend to lead more balanced lives, which means it’s that much easier to wind down at the end of a Zealous United Inc workday. When our minds continue to race after bedtime, keeping us from enjoying solid rest, we know we need to focus on being in the moment.

The benefits of mindfulness are many, and those in leadership positions will find this skill to be especially useful. We discuss more management skills on our Zealous United Inc Facebook page; visit us there.