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Zealous United, Inc. Achieves Balance

Zealous United, Inc. Achieves Balance

Some people argue that work/life balance is nothing more than a myth. Others contend that it’s real and attainable. We’ve mastered balance at Zealous United, Inc., but it wasn’t easy. Emily Raleigh encountered similar struggles when she entered college and had to balance her studies with Smart Girls Group.
Smart Girls Group is an online magazine with a healthy following. Raleigh started it as a hobby in high school. It quickly developed into a passion, however. It wasn’t something should could simply give up to focus on her schoolwork. She needed to find a way to do it all.
Raleigh soon identified a problem faced by all entrepreneurs. It’s one our team members at Zealous United, Inc. have also recognized, which is that business leaders face nearly impossible expectations. She had few friends, and no social life. There were no extra-curricular activities, either. It was all school and Smart Girls Group.
Eventually Raleigh started falling asleep everywhere. That’s when she snapped out of her denial that she was burning out, and read Arianna Huffington’s “Thrive.” From that experience, she learned to implement personal routines into her life, prioritize important relationships, get sufficient sleep and exercise, practice gratitude, and meditate. Our team members at Zealous United, Inc. have adopted similar habits, and they make a substantial and positive impact on well-being and work/life balance.
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