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Zealous United, Inc. on Finding Personal Brilliance

Zealous United, Inc. on Finding Personal Brilliance

How do you coax amazing accomplishments from your team? At Zealous United, Inc., we know everyone has special abilities. Someone could be a great writer, a brilliant salesperson, or a phenomenal strategic thinker. Your challenge, as a leader, is to inspire others to perform at their best. The good news is that our team at Zealous United, Inc. has had experience in motivating people to shine.

As a manager, you are responsible for career development. Work with each individual to understand his or her goals. Evaluate how that person’s talents can be leveraged. Identify which positions in the organization can help each team member achieve his or her goals over time.

Show team members how their work affects the company’s vision, values, and bottom line. People are motivated when they see how their contributions relate to the company’s and the customer’s success. Don’t forget to recognize a job well done.

Every so often, let your team loose. Give the group a sticky problem to consider in a cross-functional brainstorming session. Identify an issue that is open for input, such as a strategic matter or an internal process. Let the team develop potential solutions for further consideration. This is a great way to help individuals see the big picture and to allow them to solve a problem that they don’t see every day.

When you make an effort to uncover personal brilliance on your team, you open your organization up to new possibilities. At Zealous United, Inc., we hope you discover some inspiring talent. TO find out more about our culture, follow us on Facebook